As Deputy Mayor and a serving member of Limerick Council, Gerald aims to:

  • Serve and help the people – young, old, disabled, vulnerable and those from all social backgrounds
  • Uphold the office of councillor with integrity
  • Combat anti-social behaviour
  • Promote rural services and infrastructure – leading to job creation
  • Continue his family tradition of helping people
  • Represent the people of Cappamore/Kilmallock to the best of his ability
  • In his role as Deputy Mayor, to be a positive representative of Limerick city and county

Politics is a Family Tradition

Gerald’s family have a strong tradition of involvement in local politics. Tomas B. Mitchell was the first Chairman of Limerick County Council in 1899. A second relation, Edward Mitchell served with Tomas on the same Council followed by E.J. Mitchell and Tom Mitchell, solicitor and coroner. Gerald was proud to carry on his family’s tradition in 2014 when he was elected to Limerick Council. In 2015, he was elected by his fellow councillors as Deputy Mayor.